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CTIPA Food bank volunteers have praised the generosity of west Cornwall residents who donate throughout the year and spoken of the challenges faced by many at Christmas.

The CTIPA Penzance food bank has been busy in the past couple of weeks taking in large deliveries to prepare people for Christmas

This CTIPA project is managed by a separate committee and run by a team of around 30 volunteers who work in various roles and it is now five years since they opened their doors as an independent food bank.

Christine Gendall, who is urging people to challenge misconceptions, from CTIPA said: "The aim is to provide food for those in our community who find themselves in crisis situations.

"A non-judgemental, sympathetic welcome is given to clients and in addition to being given food they are signposted to organisations to help them overcome their immediate problems."

Listen to Christine explain the large scale efforts that go into keeping people fed and warm all year round, not just at Christmas.

She added: "The response from our local community has been outstanding with dried and tinned food and toiletries being donated via boxes in local supermarkets, village stores and churches.

"The management of the supermarkets have been very supportive often donating near-dated items."

The area covered by the food bank is from Crowlas to Praa Sands and west to the Land's End peninsular.

Arrangements can be made to deliver supplies to those without transport who live in outlying communities.

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Donations are received on Tuesday mornings between 9 -10am and clients are served on Thursdays between 9am and 12pm.

The neighbouring areas of Carbis Bay and Hayle also run independent food banks.

The CTIPA food bank is situated in small premises on Treneere Estate and has remained busy since being established. At present it feeds around forty adults and children each week in addition to various pets.

"Unfortunately there are some misconceptions among the public with some individuals under the impression that anyone can come to the charity and receive food," added Christine.

The CTIPA volunteers are working hard to ensure that there will be a few more smiles this Christmas.

"In fact each client must present a voucher which they will have obtained from a professional worker who will have assessed their need and be fully aware of their situation.

"Vouchers are available from around fifty agencies in Penzance which include GP's surgeries, health visitors, midwives, social workers, housing authorities, CAB, the Job Centre, schools and the woman's refuge and clients can receive four vouchers every six months, obtaining them one at a time, preferably from the same agency."

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Volunteers can be contacted in an emergency from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on 07950 159841. Callers may not receive an immediate response if the volunteer is driving or at work – though contact will be made as soon as possible.

For more information visit the CTIPA Food Bank website.

See video at:-




This update offers a sincere thank you for all the support work carried out by the Staff at all Food Bank outlets and the very kind donations of tinned and dried food given by customers.  This on-going support remains important - the figures reflecting that more and more people are having difficulty in ‘making ends meet’ as the effects of the new universal benefits system kicks in.

The work carried out by the CTIPA Food Bank Project is freely given by some 30 plus local committed volunteers who collect and process the many donations and give out the food boxes on receipt of genuine food vouchers.

Professional agencies give out the CTIPA Penzance Food Bank vouchers independently of the Food Bank itself.   The food given is used as a bridge between the time that benefits are applied for and when benefits are received.  This time period used to be three weeks, but is now often extended to five/six weeks. 

Statistics above show the number of food boxes given to recipients since the project started and over the most recent quarterly periods:-

Sadly, the work of the CTIPA Penzance Food Bank continues to be necessary for all ages throughout our Penwith Peninsula.  Satellite collection points are available in St Just, Pendeen, Sennen and St Buryan.   Hard times for some in our communities continue but, with your help, we can all play our part ensuring the Food Bank Project continues until it is no longer required - i.e. that all members of our Penwith communities are fed.


CTIPA  Food Bank

The CTIPA Food Bank was created and gave it's first food box out on 6th October 2011 after the inspiration of a past CTIPA Chairman, Brenda Fox.

CTIPA recognised the need - that members of the Penzance general public, families and singles, some in work and some not - were truly starting to get stressed by failing "to make ends meet."  A stop gap was required between the claiming of benefits and the time for those benefits to come through - sometimes up to three weeks.

An interested team of willing volunteers came forward to process the food boxes for a smooth operation.

Thanks must go to local supermarkets - Tesco, Cooperative, Morrison's and since their new build in Penzance, Sainsbury's - to kindly allow for a CTIPA Food Bank collection box to be situated around the exit tills.   Plus the assistance of 14 local churches for their willingness to collect items at the back of their churches.  

These collection boxes, having been filled by members of the general public, are then emptied twice a week of the non perishable products by volunteers.

Clients are given a voucher as individuals or families by one of  49 professional agencies such as Social Services, CAB, Schools, Doctors and Health visitors, PHA, Job Centre Plus, YMCA, Community Police, and other caring agencies.

The CTIPA Food Bank premises address  is:  The Stores, Treweath Road, Treneere, Penzance.  (It is situated next to the row of shops, at the supermarket end). 

We are open to serve clients who bring vouchers  from 9.00am until midday on Thursdays. 

The emergency phone  Tel No. 07950 159841 is "live" Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Please recognise there will not be an immediate response if the phone holder is driving or attending a meeting.

The demand on the CTIPA Food Bank is genuine and the volunteers are determined to do what they can to make this Project an ongoing success whilst the need continues.

Satellite of CTIPA Food Bank - St Just and Pendeen

Far left and fifth from left - Sue James and Crystal Wakefield with the Manager and his family of Cost Cutters at Boscaswell 

As from 1st April  2013 people are able to donate food to the Penzance foodbank at Boscaswell Stores, Pendeen and the Co-op in St Just. This is in addition to the Methodist chapel in St Just, an established donation point.


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