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CTIPA Breakfast Project has been active in supporting homeless and vulnerable people in our community since 1999. Initially the project operated seven days a week and was based at Penzance Salvation Army. It then changed in 2008 to a five day a week facility in Manna's Diner, Wharfside Centre Penzance. From 1st November 2011 it moved to Breadline, Bread Street, Penzance, where it now continues to operate five days a week.

The Project operates between 8am and 9am with an average client attendance of 12 per day. The success of the project lies with the 30 plus dedicated volunteers, of which three per day serve the clients as cook, server or receptionist along side a part-time paid Co-ordinator.

Volunteers aged 18+ are always required and welcomed - and after required legal checks, each volunteer is assisted through an induction programme. If interested in volunteering, please contact your local Minister, Pastor or Priest in Penzance, or use the "contact us" button on this website.

BELOW:- Various pictures showing part of the weekly shop for food, a full english breakfast, the cooking facilities and the annual preparations for Christmas Day Lunch with all the trimmings.


details of how to make donations to this project please click on heading - DONATIONS INFO - ABOUT US

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