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Welcome to CTIPA; a Registered Charity no. 1147642

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Welcome to Churches Together in Penzance Area (CTIPA)

Representatives from Christian Churches and Associations come together and plan joint ecumenical services, events and activities which recognise our Christian unity.

This coming and working together as Christians benefit all members of our local communities. CTIPA is a means of sharing each others Christian faith and mission through services, events and social activities. Our prayer is simple.

Lord Jesus,

Who prayed that we might all be one,

We pray to you for the unity of Christians,

According to your will,

According to your means.

May your Spirit enable us

To experience the suffering caused by division,

To see our sin,

And to hope beyond all hope.


(A Chemin Neuf prayer)

Examples of effective Christian outreach would be :-

The CTIPA Breakfast Project

which commenced its daily operation during the Autumn of 1999, serving breakfast weekdays to homeless clients in need.

The CTIPA Food Bank

which commenced October 2011 and has quickly grown to be an effective service to singles and families in need.

The CTIPA Street Pastors

working overnight at weekends since January 2013 to help keep young and older members of our community safe from unnecessary harm and trauma.

Primary School Assemblies

with "Open the Book" in Junior schools and School Chaplaincy work in secondary schools

The CTIPA Giving Shop (now closed)

Began on 24th November 2012 and lasted three years - See the Archbishop's visit on The Giving Shop page.

The CTIPA Worship Group

folk from different Christian traditions coming together to organise and plan ecumenical events and services where the family of God in the Penzance Area can come to celebrate and worship together.


details of how to make donations to the General Funds - please click on heading - DONATION INFO - ABOUT US

Churches Together

In Penzance Area


That they all may be one, that

the world will believe that

you have sent me